About Us

With over 42 years of automotive industry experience, Brisbane Car Brokers & Finance know every trick in the book used by the automotive industry. We will put our brokering experience and knowledge to work for each and every client, ensuring that the right car matches up with the right buyer at the right price.

All you need to do is to tell us what type, style or brand of car you want, and:

  • WE will do all the legwork to find the best car that suits your requirements.
  • WE will negotiate with the dealer, wholesaler or auction house to give you the best price the first time.
  • WE will get your new used car a full 160-point inspection and clear PBSR report.
  • WE can help arrange financing and insurance paperwork at discounted rates so all you have to do is wait for the delivery of your new car!
  • WE will ensure your car is covered by a Government backed warranty.
  • WE will ensure that buying a new used car from Brisbane Car Brokers and Finance is a fuss-free experience.

We guarantee a satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Simply fill in our used car enquiry form or call 1300 66 55 38 today.

School Fundraising Initiative

Do you want to raise thousands of dollars for your school while treating yourself to the best deals available?
Brisbane Car Brokers and Finance has developed a program that offers unlimited fundraising potential, along with services that parents, teachers, and the wider school community can take advantage of.

Our fundraising program can be used by your school’s staff, parents, family, friends, and associates to get the best possible deals on new and used cars. When your school refers someone to Brisbane Car Brokers and Finance, and we are successful at negotiating the right deal for that person, then we will donate 50% of all fees earned to your school’s P & F Association.

Contact us today for an information pack and discover how advantageous this program can be for your school and its families.